Posts be like

Sometimes if you have a good idea posts are fun but if not then its super boring. By then you either have a mental road block or your bored. Most of the time i have no idea but sometimes its fun. Think about that.

Battle of the books

I went to our first battle of the books championship. Guess what?  We lost. The final score was 310, 380, 375. We were 310. Yay.  Now, i have no idea. I think that they said we would have a party w/ cake and pizza etc., etc.

But, i don’t know when that is. Whoops. I wonder what happens next. Comment below and follow, plez. I also need a new idea for my next post.


When  your on a school device, don’t you hate it when your favorite web sites are blocked? Why is meme generator blocked anyway? EVERYTHING is blocked on the chrome web store. WHAT IS UP WIT DAT? What if an app for school is on there. What if THAT”S THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN GET IT! Where else are you supposed to get it, some SKETCH WEBSITE?


A doctor walks in and tells a patient “I have good news and i have worse news.”

The patient says “What’s the bad news?”

The doctor says “You have 24 hours to live.”

The patient says “What could possibly be worse than that?”

The doctor replies “I was supposed to tell you that yesterday.”

March 10th

I have a theory. If the apocalypse is supposed to come on a certain day, then the Line islands time zone would get the apocalypse first. The Samoa standard time zone would get it last. But that is only the american apocalypse theory. The Norse theory, aka Ragnarok, would come to all people at one time when Skoll eats the Sun and his brother Hati will eat the moon. It will submerge the world into total darkness.There will be a series of natural disasters. At one point the world will but fully underwater. After it dries it is believed that 2 humans will repopulate the earth.  the gods Odin, Thor, Týr, Freyr, Heimdallr, and Loki will all die before the end.

Today i am sick.

Today i have, (surprisingly), thrown up twice already. Surprising, right? I was walking down the hallway this morning about to go to class when it came. Dun, dun, dun!!!

It stayed in my mouth until i found a trash can. (Thanks again Ms.Nathan for letting me borrow your trash can.) 😉  . After i when home about 25 min later (give or take), i threw up. Again. Sadly. But now i feel good enough to right my Tuesday slice of life for skool. Your welcome, Ms. Haseltine. Now i’m also continuing the slice of lice march challenge.(I think that’s the right order.) See you tomorrow, class. (Hopefully)

A-B-C of Batman Characters



C- Clayface

D- Dracula

E-Everywhere Man

F-Francis Grey


H-Harley Quinn



K-Killer Croc

L-Lex Luthor

M-Man Bat

N-Number One


P-Poison Ivy



S-Solomn Grundy